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Sunday Service at 10:30 am

Sunday School for all ages at 9:00 am

Our Mission is to:

KNOW Jesus by faith and worship Him, GROW in Jesus, SHOW the love of Jesus to others, and GO share what Jesus has done.


Whether you are a lifelong member or a newcomer, when you come through the doors of Good Shepherd Church our prayer is that you are made to feel like family. As forgiven people, living in the grace of God, we want more and more people to experience the joy and freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ.  We hope to see you this Sunday!









Latest Sermons

The Last Word on Witness – Revelation 10 & 11

The Last Word on Witness – Revelation 10 & 11

February 18, 2024

This Sunday, between the sixth and the seventh trumpets, we will hear the Last Word on Witness. In chapters 10 and 11, John sees a mighty angel, eats a scroll, measures a Temple, and watches two mysterious witnesses die and resurrect. Come hear what all this has to do with our call as Christians to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

The Last Word on Repentance – Revelation 8 & 9

The Last Word on Repentance – Revelation 8 & 9

February 11, 2024

This Sunday, in Revelation 8 and 9, we move from the opening of the seven seals to the sounding of the seven trumpets. And as we see incredible destruction take place upon the earth, we also see the amazing patience and mercy of God. Judgment is coming, but even so, God gives opportunity after opportunity for people to turn from their sin and then turn to him. The Day of the Lord may be near, but thankfully, today can still be a day of repentance and the day of our salvation.

The Last Word on Evil – Revelation 6 & 7

The Last Word on Evil – Revelation 6 & 7

February 4, 2024

This Sunday we enter chapters 6 and 7 of Revelation, where we see the first six seals on the scroll opened. As the "wrath of the Lamb" begins to be unleashed, an important question is asked: "Who can withstand it." Join us as we hear the eternally important answer to that eternally important question.

Upcoming Events

We would love to have you join us!

Lenten Services will be held each Wednesday evening, February 14 – March 20, at 6:30 pm.

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